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About us

Kennel Gonnagitcha’s,
breeder of the Spanish Waterdog (SPD) would like very much to welcome you to this website.

It was just a “coincidencia” (coincidence) that we met a, to us unknown lady visitor at the dog show in Oldenburg ( Germany). She was visiting this dog show joined by her Perro d’Agua Espagnol.
We immediately fell in love with the breed and to make a long story short, this was the reason that in the spring of 1998 our first Perro d’Agua Espagnol came to live with us.

If you like to find out the rest of the story please do visit our website, we love to introduce to you this lovely breed, the Spanish Waterdog and all of our “Gonnagitcha’s” in particular.
Please feel welcome to take your time to look around and click on the different subjects to find out more.



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